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Windward Midweek / August 13, 2014
Patient Advocacy at Crown Care

From the perspective of patient advocates, medical care too often boils down to a one-way street of a doctor just telling a patient what his or her treatment will consist of, rather than a conversation between two parties.
That’s why organizations like Kailua’s Crown Care LLC exist: to give individuals a more active role in their own healthcare. Read more.

Pacific Business News / July 2, 2014
Crown Care Expands Patient Advocacy services in Hawaii

Crown Care LLC, a Hawaii-based patient-advocacy company that helps companies and individuals navigate health insurance options, has expanded its services from advocating and assisting seniors with their Medicare and Social Security Options to include patient advocacy for all age groups with any health care problems. “What we do is we make sure we get all the information and communicate it with patients and all members of their family,” said Dr. Eileen Hilton, president and CEO of the company. “Family members usually say, ‘wow, I wish I knew about this a long time ago." Read more


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